Do you have what it takes to unleash your inner strength and conquer new challenges? Join Whiskey WOD, a high-intensity workout that will ignite your passion for fitness and make you feel empowered. Get ready to take on exciting challenges with Coach James at the Self Defense Academy in Santa Clara, California.

Whiskey WOD is not your average workout. Named after our lively and active furry friend, Whiskey, this workout embodies his tenacity and zest for life. As with whiskey, we encourage you to challenge your limits, tap into your inner strength, and let your determination shine through.

Your workout begins with 3 exhilarating sprints to get you off to an energetic start. Feel the adrenaline rush as you sprint towards your goal and set the pace for a great workout.

Next, tackle the 10-rep TRX Superman, a challenging exercise that targets core and back muscles. Embrace your inner superhero as you rise from the ground and soar to new heights of strength and stability.

Perform 20 squat thrusts, a dynamic movement that uses the whole body. Feel the burn, increase your endurance and tone your muscles as you build power with each rep.

Ready to test your upper body strength? Do 30 push-ups and feel the power in your chest, shoulders and arms. Accept the challenge and celebrate push-ups as a step towards your fitness goals.

Grab a kettlebell and conquer 40 powerful swings to activate your posterior strands and boost your cardiovascular endurance. Swing with confidence and channel the energetic spirit of your whiskey with each rep.

Unleash your inner fighter with 50 hard punches that combine speed, power and precision. Feel the energy-releasing and cardio-enhancing effects.

Work on 40 walking lunges to develop lower body strength while improving balance and coordination. Embrace the journey, one he charges at a time, unlocking new levels of resilience.

Switch gears with 30 roundhouse kicks to show off your agility, flexibility and martial arts prowess. Embrace the spirit of whiskey and kick it with grace and power.

Energize your core, tone your flanks, and build strong abs with 20 oblique crunches. Embrace the challenge and feel the change as you strive to become a more resilient self.

Take your training to the next level with 10 box jumps to test your explosive power and lower body strength. Leap fearlessly, land with precision, and rejoice with every successful jump.

Finish strong in the final 3 sprints, cross the finish line and feel the satisfaction of completing the Whiskey WOD.

Join James Coach today and experience the powerful spirit of Whiskey WOD. Unleash your inner strength, ignite your passion for fitness and conquer new heights with Self Defense Academy. Embrace the energy and excitement of whiskey and reach your full potential. Cheers to the transformative journey that awaits!



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