Ready to enhance your workout experience and harness the power of flow? Why Fly When You Can Flow is a dynamic and exhilarating WOD that will take your strength and endurance to new heights. Embark on an incredible journey of movement and strength with Coach Mike at Self Defense Academy in Santa Clara, CA!

Flow 1 sets the tone with a sequence of deadlifts, rows, cleans and presses. Execute these compound exercises smoothly, linking each movement with grace and fluidity. Feel your muscles working as you lift, pull, and force. And don’t forget to supplement these powerful moves with 20 sit-ups. This will strengthen your core and increase your overall stability.

Flow 2 lets you harness explosive energy with swing variations, snatches and lunges. Respect rhythm and coordination to perform each exercise with precise control. Then, get your heart rate up and challenge your agility with 10 box jumps. Feel the adrenaline rush as you conquer each jump and push your limits to new heights.

Flow 3 combines strength and flexibility with a series of squats, bicep curls and halos. Work your entire body and seamlessly move the weight from one exercise to the next. Feel your muscles burn as you build upper body strength and stability. For even more endurance, do his 20 push-ups and his 20 power jacks to keep the momentum going throughout your workout.

Join Coach Mike’s ‘Why Fly When You Can Flow’ today and experience the joy of fluid movement, rhythmic sequences, and the sensations that empower you to find your flow. Challenge yourself, discover your strength and unlock new levels of fitness and agility. It’s time to unleash your inner potential and embark on an extraordinary fitness journey!

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