Join the fun with “Where’s Mike?” Tabata WOD!

Hello Fitness Enthusiasts! If you’re looking for his WOD that’s both challenging and fun, “Where’s Mike Gone?” is for you. Tabata is perfect for you! At Santa Clara’s Self-Defense Academy, Coach Shayne will guide you through exhilarating Tabata workouts that will make you stronger, more accomplished, and more hungry.

So what is this “Where’s Mike?” thing about Tabata? Let’s analyze:

There’s a reason Tabata training is all the rage. Efficient and punchy. In each round, at full strength he works for 20 seconds, then rests for 10 seconds. This cycle repeats itself, tackling a series of dynamic exercises that target different muscle groups.

Pushups and Walkouts Feel the burning sensation as you do pushups and work your chest, shoulders and triceps. Then, reach for another challenge by reaching into a plank position. Can you go far?

The Russian Twist and Hollow holds the time to attack that core! The Russian Twist works your obliques while the Hollow Hold targets your entire abdominal area. Tighten your core and spend your time with a smile even if you burn out!

Clean & Press & Waiter Hold Grab your dumbbells and start lifting! The Clean & Press puts your whole body to the test, while the Waiter Hold adds a stability challenge that will make you feel like a champion.

Rework your abs with double crunches and leg lifts! Double crunches work your upper and lower abs, while leg lifts work your lower abs. Let’s shape that six pack!

Row and Tricep Press It’s time to focus on your upper body. Rowing strengthens the back and biceps, and the tricep his press targets these triceps for toned arms.

Get ready for jump squats and squat jumps. Jump squats get your heart pumping and your legs hot. Regular squats complement the movement and strengthen your glutes and thighs.

Combine strength and coordination with the Squat Curl and Halo Squat Curl to work your biceps and quads. Then add a halo and take on the full body challenge. This is just plain fun.

Burpees and Rests Go strong with everyone’s favorite burpees. It’s a full-body workout that pushes your limits. After that, take a good rest before trying to conquer the next round.

So are you ready for the challenge? Please join us for “Where Have the Mikes Gone?” Coach Shane and WOD Tabata. Let’s have fun together, stay healthy and celebrate our achievements! See you at the Self-Defense Forces Academy in Santa Clara!

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