Get ready to embrace Crazy 8 – an epic KB adventure!

Hello Fitness Enthusiasts! Ready to dive into an exhilarating KB experience that delivers excitement and accomplishment? Look no further than Crazy 8’s. A WOD of AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), challenge and excitement are guaranteed in equal measure.

What will become of the “Crazy 8’s”? It’s easy to do. He will work on sets of eight repetitions of various kettlebell movements. Trust us; this WOD is nothing out of the ordinary. Here’s an overview of what’s to come.

KB Renegade Rows: Strengthen your core and arms while performing rows with perfect form. Get ready to feel that scorching heat!

Chest Fly with KB Chest Press: Work your chest and shoulders with this dynamic combo to make you feel like a true KB pro.

KB Sit Ups: Work your abs with sit-ups. This will make you feel stronger and energized.

KB Goblet Squat: Harness the power of the goblet squat to work your quadriceps and glutes with each repetition.

Punch Sprawl: Throw a relaxed punch followed by a quick sprawl to get your heart pumping.

Kicks, Knees, Elbows: Unleash your inner martial artist by performing a series of kicks, knees and elbows. A true total body challenge.

Are you ready to join the Crazy 8’s adventure? Of course you are! Grab your kettlebells, join Coach Johnson and let’s overcome this exciting WOD together!



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