Ignite your inner strength with a power-packed workout

Ready to harness the untapped strength of your upper body? Look no further than Strong Armed. This is an exhilarating WOD that will test your muscles and make you feel empowered and accomplished. Dive into an intense training experience with Coach Serra at Self Defense Academy in Santa Clara, California!

Get ready for the ultimate upper body challenge with pull-ups. Push your back and arm muscles to their limits while overcoming these dynamic bodyweight exercises. Embrace your burn and celebrate completed iterations as a token of your progress.

Show off your power with the Plank Punch. Work your core and activate your inner boxer as you unleash powerful punches from the plank position. Feel the energy surge through your arms as you alternate between left and right strikes.

It’s time to unleash your power with a hammer swing! Embrace your inner demolition expert as you target your arms, shoulders, and core with sledgehammer blows. Imagine embracing your rhythmic movement to break through any barriers that stand in your way.

Try knuckle pushups. Lower your body and push through your knuckles while strengthening your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Embrace the intensity and overcome each rep with determination.

Master the technique of the Double Under, a jump rope exercise that tests your coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Jump around the rope twice and repeat. Get into the rhythm and let your inner captain shine.

Train your entire body with Renegade Law. Get into a plank position and row a dumbbell with each arm. Feel your back, arms, and core fire as you stabilize and master each row.

End your workout with a blast of energy – burpees! Embrace the challenge and the power through these full-body exercises. Repeat jumps, squats and push-ups. Feel the adrenaline burst with each repetition.

Join Strongarmed with Coach Sera today and discover the strength that lies within you. Push your limits, challenge yourself and finish your workout feeling empowered and accomplished. It’s time to unlock your mighty arm and embrace the journey to a fitter, stronger you!



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