The tremendous academic benefits of physical activity are a new angle for parents to look at when thinking about exercise and their children.

Children’s martial arts are closely tied to goal setting. Goals are a natural part of any kind of self-defense or martial arts training, regardless of age. Moving from one level to another requires children to master certain skills in sequence, practice over time, and build their abilities. It’s also great that children can see their progress in a physical way over time. For example, you can run faster or kick higher. That sense of accomplishment builds on itself and encourages kids to come back for more!

Academic challenges are not the same as physical challenges, but that difference is part of why learning sports is so important to a child’s academic success. Learning what you can overcome builds confidence. That confidence doesn’t just stay on the mat, it lasts when you’re out in the open and have to sit down to do your homework or take a test.

Movements for children support longer attention spans. Yes, when children are physically active, they become less bored and more focused. This is one of the best reasons to start training children in martial arts, as increasing concentration is a major skill that transitions into school in a great way. improve. This has a lot to do with the chemicals in the brain and the flood of positive chemicals that kids get when they exercise. and help you grow.

No discussion of the relationship between academic research and physical activity is complete without talking about problem solving. In children’s self-defense classes, children are constantly faced with challenges they have never encountered before. How to imitate the instructor or move effectively according to instructions helps children learn how to think critically and solve problems. There is also



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