What other adults think is forgotten In many cases, what we value in human relationships is the same as what young people are looking for in human relationships. I know that if you can easily ask what you need, such as space, additional support, advice, and high quality time, you can rely on someone. One of the signs that a young person is regarded as a reliable adult is one, one is Ask you what they need and feel assured.

“I’m very happy to be able to tell you my needs. I think I made it easier to do it because I came to know you better. When I ask you what I need, I realize that it’s okay… This will give you confidence in our relationship …I feel that I can specify the level of the necessary support I’m frustrated if I don’t have the right level of support, so it’s a lot helpful …One of the things I really like is that I know that I can do things myself by default.

In my work with Ainsleigh, I remembered the mantra listed in Womensafe. In other words, people are experts in their own experience. Includes teens. No one knows Ainsleigh as well. In order to become a reliable adult, the level of support I provide to Einzley needs to increase or decrease based on her needs.

Do you want to know how to connect with young people in your life? Askable Adult Campaign toolkit is useful. For other tips on how to maintain the connection, https://www.vtnetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/commit-to-consistent-connections-tool.pdf.

don’t give up!

Linnea Johnson -Womensafe educators and advocates

Original artwork by Teppi Zuppo @aioazech TeppiZuppo.com



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