COBRA Headquarters now accredited for Concealed Carry and Firearm Instruction

Why choose to train with COBRA for your concealed carry permit?

  • COBRA Defense was created from real law enforcement training and experience. A CWP course directed by law enforcement training and experience is far more effective than running a mill course.
  • COBRA includes reality-based self-defense options for training. Although not required, many of those with a CWP also want real self-defense skills, and COBRA Defense offers many options.
  • Weapon handling training is covered. Even experienced police officers know that many are killed with their own weapons due to the lack of very specific skills. Very easy to learn and part of all our training sessions.
  • COBRA Defense International is the world leader in Active Shooter Response Training and Anti-abduction Training.
  • COBRA Defense International has worked with some of the world’s largest companies. This gives us a professional pedigree and an edge that many companies don’t have.
  • Train with top instructors from the COBRA Defense International brand. The course will be led by COBRA President Chris Sutton and his COBRA Chief Operating Officer Mark McKay.
  • All attendees Amazon’s best-selling self-defense book, The Psychology of Self-Defense, for free.
  • All participants receive a 12-month digital subscription. SelfDefenseCollege.comHere you can watch and train with hundreds of self defense videos on any digital device from the comfort of your own home.

We host concealed weapons classes for the Tampa Bay Area, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando County, and surrounding areas.

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