Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day around the world. An event that evolved from a union movement commemorating the struggle for women’s rights.

You might want to know some facts about what inspired this movement!

Here are five facts about this day.

1. Originally called International Women’s Day at Work, the day commemorates the 1908 strike of the International Women’s Clothing Workers’ Union as 15,000 workers, including many immigrants, marched through the city’s Lower East and was first celebrated in New York on February 28, 1909. Those who demand social and political rights.

2. The first modern International Women’s Day was held on March 8, 1914, five years after its inception. This day was chosen because it was a Sunday and the majority of women had time off from work to participate in processions and the like. event, and has been celebrated on the day ever since.

3. The day was declared a national holiday in the Soviet Union in 1917 and was mainly celebrated by socialist movements and communist countries until its adoption by the United Nations in 1977. Since 1996, the United Nations has ever celebrated International Women’s Day. The theme for 2022 is “Break the Bias.”

4. According to the United Nations, “It is a day when women’s achievements are recognized regardless of national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political distinctions. It is an opportunity to reflect on past struggles and achievements. And more importantly, , to anticipate the untapped possibilities and opportunities that await future generations of women.”

5. The day is now an official holiday in several countries, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Zambia, and is reserved for women only in countries including China, Madagascar, and Nepal.

The #BreakTheBias theme encourages us to see each other as equals. Imagine a world of gender equality. Imagine a world without prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination. Imagine a diverse, equitable and inclusive world. Imagine a world where differences are valued and celebrated.

By taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions every day, we can create that world together. Together we can #BreakTheBias in our communities, workplaces, schools, colleges and universities.

Take action and #BreakTheBias for yourself and others.

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