Finishing a Workout in Johnson’s Least Favorite WOD: A Challenging and Rewarding Experience

Ready for a workout that will push your limits and give you a sense of accomplishment? Look no further than Johnson’s least favorite WOD in the GRIT class. Join coach Michael in a series of challenging exercises that will test your strength, endurance and mental resilience. Get ready to conquer pull-ups, KB thrusters, Russian he twists and more in this exhilarating workout.

Johnson’s least favorite WODs are high-intensity workouts designed to challenge him physically and mentally. His workout consisted of 4 cycles, each cycle lasting him 1 minute. Your goal is to challenge yourself and complete as many rounds as possible within the minute.

Your workout begins with pull-ups, a classic upper-body strength exercise. Next, proceed to the KB windmill to strengthen your core and improve your mobility. Then comes the KB thruster, which combines squats and overhead presses to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Dips target the triceps and chest, followed by the KB Russian Twist to strengthen the core and improve rotational stability. The TRX Pike focuses on core strength and shoulder stability and loads the entire body. Finally, kneeling and doing his sideways KB swing will work your hips and core to give you a great finish on the circuit.

Coach Michael guides you through your workouts, providing tips and modifications for proper form to ensure everyone has a safe and effective experience. GRIT classes are supportive communities where you can challenge yourself and grow with others.

Join us at the Academy of Self-Defense in Santa Clara, California to experience the exhilaration of Johnson’s least favorite WOD. Get ready to overcome pull-ups, thrusters and more, and discover the strength and resilience within you. Don’t miss this empowering and challenging workout!



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