The best way to be fully prepared for potential problems is to live in the moment. Being here now and being where you are is the most important thing. to enhance your personal security.

Starting your day with intention may sound like a small thing, but it’s important to your self-protection mindset. Starting his day with a constant focus on himself and his surroundings will increase his ability to react effectively and stay safe. Control of the environment begins and ends with control of oneself.

One of the great things about this kind of practice is the flexibility you have in deciding what’s most important to you on any given day. Your intentions don’t have to be focused on self-defense. This helps in personal growth as well as personal safety. It is the fuel that feeds the fire of your life in all areas.

Keep your intent broad and memorable. The idea is that you are in control of your life, just as you want to be in control of unforeseen circumstances. What does intent look like?

Here are some suggestions.

    • Control what you can control.
    • I open myself up to the world around me.
    • Face today’s challenges with conviction and a calm mind.
    • I’m going to focus on my life.
    • I accept my strengths and abilities.
    • I intend to respond to the wholeness of my surroundings.

Note that these are not at all on the “I will beat anyone who tries to get close to me” policy. Self-defense is at its best when we flow with the world around us. We are always ready, but we are not afraid to go. If you are ready for a fight, at some point the fight will find you. It’s part of it.

Any kind of intention that enhances your ability to react quickly to your surroundings and pay attention to the world around you is the right kind of intention. Choose an intention that resonates with you and make it your own. That’s the best way to make them effective.



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