Are you ready to feel like a boss? Then join tonight for the ‘I’m A Boss’ WOD with Coach Serra. This workout combines pull-ups, battle ropes, jump lunges and more, guaranteed to challenge you from head to toe. It’s time to show who’s boss and conquer this workout!

First, do 10 knee tuck pull-ups to get your heart rate up and tone your core. Next, 20 grit masters test your endurance and upper body strength. He then does 40 seconds of battle ropes to get his heart rate up even more. Next, work your lower body with 20 jump lunges and 20 KB deadlifts. Finally, finish strong with 20 grit makers and his 20 v-up rollups.

If you are unfamiliar with these movements, don’t worry. A coach thera will guide you through each step and provide corrections as needed. This class is open to all levels, so let’s have fun!

Join us tonight at 7pm at ASD in Santa Clara, CA. Let’s boss this WOD together!



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