Looking for a high intensity full body workout? Look no further than ECHO, the workout of the day at Self Defense Academy. This AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) routine combines martial arts-inspired moves with traditional exercises to challenge strength, endurance and power.

20 round kicks combined with 20 sit-ups will get your heart pounding and your legs moving. The next round works your legs and core with a combination of 20 knees and 20 hip thrusters.

The third round combines 20 push kicks and 20 Russian twists to work on balance, coordination and core strength. The fourth round is a combination of 20 side kicks and his 20 crunches to help build lower body strength and core.

The final round is a combination of 20 back kicks and 20 V-Ups that tests total body strength and cardiovascular endurance.

This WOD will push you to the limit, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing it will be worth it. what are you looking for Join us tonight at 7pm at the Self-Defense Forces Academy and see for yourself what an ECHO is. Sign up for a class today and take the first step toward achieving your fitness goals.



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