How to choose the right self-defense program, want to get it right the first time.

  1. Is the program based on real-life training and experience in the field of violence and crime? This does not include sports, theoretical self-defense or PowerPoint training. You want the primary training focus of your self-defense program to be defending against and dealing with criminal violence.

2. Where do instructors get lesson plans? This is very important. Many programs lack a structured and organized written curriculum. This is like going to school and having your teacher write out a lesson plan for the day.

3. Do students get a training manual? The step-by-step manual is a useful learning tool, especially when learning self-defense.

4. Do the programs and instructors operate from a single organized source, or do they all fly alone? Getting certified for something is not difficult, but then what is in place to maintain quality control, consistency and professionalism? Checks and balances are very important.

5. Does the program have specific training that they advertise to teach? If your child needs training in dealing with bullies, the program you choose should include legitimate experience and training in this area. This should be done across the board. Ask what qualifications you have to teach that market, whether it’s a business or training teenagers.

6. Can you confirm with affiliates that they are in good standing? This is if they are part of an affiliated organisation, and have received training from an affiliated organisation. For standalone systems, ask if there is a company or client reference that you can check. Social proof is very important, especially when it involves the training required in real life.

7. Is this program a brand or a single location? This is especially important when creating and developing a consistent, organized and professional final product. All kinds of brands are widely preferred in the market over small, family-owned services. The market demands sophisticated, proven products, and that’s what the brand name brings. They also feel more comfortable spending money on established brands that they can research. Examples: Amazon, Starbucks, NFL.

8. How long has this program been in place? Anyone can open a business. Keeping the business going is where the real work begins. long-established company It usually (but not always) indicates that the company is successful, professional, and offers a great product. I don’t want you to go out of business before your membership runs out.

9. If you are a company/company/company looking for a self defense trainer, how many companies have you trained in this program? both big and small. A professional and legitimate self-defense company with special training for a particular business should be able to offer an extensive client list.

10. Where do you and your instructors receive ongoing training? When you get certified to teach self-defense, you let everyone know that you offer real-world self-defense training that can save someone’s life in the real world. For self-defense professionals, it is very important to keep their training up to date. Physical technology is a perishable skill, and knowledge of how criminals behave is constantly changing. If you’re an instructor, manuals, videos, consultations, and in-person physical training are all great ways to stay up to date with real-life self-defense training. One of the most important skills a person can possess is the ability to stay safe and deter violent threats. This has nothing to do with the sport of winning trophies and title belts. Watching YouTube videos or adopting ideas from hearsay doesn’t work if you just say, “put the key between your fingers and punch him in the eye.” With cell phone safety apps, pepper spray, and many other commonly used crutches, people don’t have to commit to physical training.

The safety of you and your family is the most important thing in the world. Ask the tough questions, do your research, and make sure the self-defense company you choose to train with is qualified to teach real-world self-defense.

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