Kolide helps you meet audit and compliance goals with endpoint security across your fleet

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You know that old thought experiment about AI designed to make paper clips?

Many security teams have similar thoughts when it comes to meeting their compliance goals. That means it would be a lot easier without all the pesky users.

This mindset has brought us to the current state of endpoint security dominated by MDMs that hamper device performance and turn every laptop into a big brother. This approach to security negatively impacts culture and morale. Moreover, it doesn’t really work. If so, companies with MDM and annual security training will not experience data breaches.

Kolide is endpoint security and fleet management that takes a different approach. We help our clients achieve their compliance goals by enlisting end-user support, whether they are auditors, clients or leadership.

Kolide works by notifying employees of security issues via Slack, educating them on why security issues are important, and giving them step-by-step instructions to fix them themselves.

For IT administrators, Kolide helps prove compliance via a single dashboard. From there, you can monitor security across your fleet, whether it’s running on Mac, Windows, or Linux. (You read that right; Kolide can Finally, it provides visibility for Linux users.)

I read this far because I’m interested in approaches to endpoint security involving the end user. Click here for details on how it works. If you like one, you can sign up for a free trial. No credit card required.

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