Ready to push your limits and take your fitness to the next level? Look no further than Overworked, today’s workout at Self Defense Academy. This ultimate circuit workout will test your strength, endurance and power.

The workout begins with the Ground & Pound / RH Kick, an exercise that works the upper body and legs and improves overall strength and power. This is followed by the Breath Up/Sprawl, an exercise that targets the core to improve overall strength and power. Do push-ups/planks, which are exercises that make you feel better.

Then go to Alt. Leg lunge/squat hold. Exercises that strengthen your legs and improve your overall strength. Then perform a power punch/skip knee. This exercise works your whole body and improves your overall power.

Next, do crunches/side crunches, an exercise that works your abs and improves overall strength, followed by Mount Climber Arms/Mount Climber. The climber leg is an exercise that targets your core and improves your overall strength.

Finally, we conclude with a bike/sit-up, an exercise that tests cardio endurance and overall power.

This circuit workout will push you to the limit and test your overall strength and power. Sign up for a class at the Academy of Self Defense and take the first step towards reaching your fitness goals . Push your limits and try Overworked today!



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