Dodge, crouch, dip, dive and…get ready to work out in the new WOD “Dodgeball”! This high-intensity workout combines the fun of the classic game with the challenge of a serious sweat session. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a novice, dodgeball will push you to the limit and leave you feeling energized and accomplished.

This WOD starts with 20 ball slams to get your heart rate up and your muscles warm. Then, on the floor, he does 10 MB pushups to test upper body strength and stability. Next are his 20 wall balls. Strengthen your explosive power and coordination by throwing medicine balls against walls and catching them.

Move on to a 10 MB burpee, a heart-pounding, full-body workout. This is followed by a 20 MB squat, a staple exercise for strengthening your legs and core. Then it’s time for a partner workout where he does 20 wall ball partner sit-ups. Finally, perform 20 wall ball squat tosses that use your whole body to launch the ball into the air and test your coordination and power.

“Dodgeball” is a fun and challenging workout that we pride ourselves on, exhilarating and fulfilling. Grab your friends, grab your ball and get ready to sweat!



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