Get your loot in the new WOD, Butt You Love It. This high-intensity circuit workout is designed to target your glutes and core while challenging your cardio endurance.

Your workout starts with a sumo squat. This is an exercise that will make you feel the burning of your glutes and quads. Then move on to the standing tricep press. This is an exercise to tone your arms while strengthening your core. Then perform sit-ups, exercises that target your abs and help you achieve a strong core.

The workout continues with a wrestler bridge that works your glutes, abs, and lower back. Then complete laps and sprints to get your heart rate up and challenge your cardio endurance.

Then do the hook (both arms). This is an exercise that works the shoulders and triceps. Then move on to rigid leg deadlifts, an exercise that works the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

Next, do the single-leg bridge (alternate leg), an exercise that works your glutes and core. Finish your workout with crunches to strengthen your core.

Butt You Love It is a fun and energetic workout that will burn you and make you love it. This workout is a great way to improve your overall fitness. Sign up for a class now and discover the strength and power of your glutes!

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