Let’s work up a sweat with the Whiskey Smash WOD at the Self-Defense Forces School!

Hello Fitness Enthusiasts! Ready to take your workout routine up a notch and have some fun? Look no further than the Whiskey Smash WOD. This is a fun and challenging EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout designed to push your limits and leave you feeling refreshed. Join Santa Clara’s Self Defense Academy and train with Coach James for an unforgettable fitness experience. Unleash your inner power and have fun!

The Whiskey Smash WOD is a dynamic combination of exercises that tone the whole body, improve strength and increase endurance. The EMOM format adds an exciting twist to your training, keeping you tense and pushing you to give it your all.

Perform a specific exercise for each minute and aim to complete the required number of times within that minute. When finished, rest until the next moment begins. It’s a challenging yet efficient way to maximize your training and keep your intensity high.

Be prepared to complete the following exercise.

  1. Bent Over Row: Strengthen your back and tone your upper body with this classic exercise.
  2. Push-ups: Work your chest, shoulders, and triceps while performing this basic bodyweight movement.
  3. Bag Slam: Unleash power and release stored energy with explosive bag slams.
  4. Russian Twist: Target your core and obliques with this twist and reach move.
  5. TRX Back Rows: Use suspension trainers to target your back muscles and improve your posture.
  6. Sledding: Swing a hammer and work your upper body and core with this unique exercise.
  7. All Strike: Unleash your inner fighter as you perform a series of strikes, increasing your strength and agility.
  8. KB Thruster: Combine kettlebell squats and overhead presses to work your lower body and shoulders at the same time.

Whiskey Smash WOD offers variety, excitement, and the chance to try new things. A combination of strength, conditioning, and martial arts-inspired movements leave you feeling exhilarated and accomplished.

Ready to reach your fitness goals and have fun? Join our Academy of Self-Defense GRIT class led by Coach James. Accept the challenge of Whiskey Smash WOD and experience the amazing benefits it brings. It’s time to raise the bar and toast to success. Let’s pave the way to greatness together!



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