Unleash your inner strength with the GRIT class ‘Test Your Mettle’ WOD

Are you ready to put your determination and perseverance to the test? Join Coach Shayne for the GRIT class today at 7pm and take on the ultimate WOD challenge: Test Your Bravery! . This intense workout will push you to your limits and reveal the true strength within you.

The “Test Your Courage” WOD is designed to assess your mental and physical strength. It’s a test of endurance, strength, and willpower. Our goal is simple. Completing the assigned exercises in time. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. This WOD requires your full commitment and determination.

The warm-up phase sets the tone for your workout and prepares your body and mind for the challenges ahead. Start with his 500 punches to unleash power and hone your striking skills. Awaken your inner warrior and feel the energy surge through your body with every punch.

Then show off your kicking prowess with 100 powerful kicks. Work your legs, core and balance to deliver fast, controlled kicks. Embrace your rhythm and flow and make your kicks an expression of your strength and agility.

Your core is the center of your power, and the ‘Test Your Mettle’ WOD doesn’t miss it. Get ready for 100 sit-ups and feel your abs toning and strengthening with each repetition. Embrace your determination to stand up and conquer every sit-up, knowing you’re building a solid foundation for success.

Lower body strength can be built with 100 squats. Embrace the blaze and challenge as you humble yourself and rise with determination. Each squat is a step closer to reaching your full potential and pushing your limits.

Now test your upper body strength with 100 push-ups. With determination, lower yourself down and push up, feeling your chest, shoulders, and triceps burn. Accept the challenge and overcome any resistance as you find yourself getting stronger with each repetition.

The “Test Your Mettle” WOD also includes 100 breathing exercises to help you focus on your breathing and find moments of calm in the midst of the intensity. Harness the power of controlled breathing and feel the oxygen rejuvenate your body and boost your performance.

A Shane coach guides you through the WOD and provides motivation, support and corrections as needed. The supportive and energetic atmosphere of the GRIT class will keep you motivated and motivated to give your best.

Join Self-Defense Academy now and take the WOD Test of Bravery. It’s an opportunity to prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving greatness. Embrace the challenge, unleash your inner strength, and the results speak for themselves. Sign up now to embark on this transformative journey!



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