Reach new heights of strength and endurance with the “Superset Me” WOD

Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Get ready to push your limits and reach new heights of strength and endurance with the ‘Superset Me’ WOD. Your Sera Coach will lead you through an exhilarating GRIT class that will challenge your body and leave you feeling empowered.

The “Superset Me” WOD is designed to target multiple muscle groups and provide a full-body training experience. The workout begins with a series of heavy, medium and light kettlebell swings with a focus on building strength and power. Then transition to a superset of deadlifts and sumo squats to work your lower body and core for maximum impact.

But that’s not all! WOD follows a series of high-intensity exercises to keep your heart rate up and increase your endurance. From 100 punches to his 75 jump rope, 50 sit-ups and 25 backslams, pushing yourself to new limits will leave you feeling burned and satisfied. Finally, complete his WOD with a set of swings and clean & presses to challenge his muscles and give him a sense of accomplishment.

No matter your fitness level, the ‘Superset Me’ WOD is scalable to your needs. SeraCoach offers modifications and variations so that everyone can participate and progress. The supportive and motivating environment of GRIT classes will keep you motivated throughout your workout.

Experience the power of the “Superset Me” WOD today at 12pm at the Academy of Self-Defense. Get ready to unleash your potential, challenge yourself and reach new heights of strength and endurance. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to level up your fitness game. See you soon!



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