Ready to get up and take your fitness journey to new heights? Join Coach Mike in the GRIT class for an exhilarating workout experience at Rise Up!. WODs. This high-energy session combines a variety of exercises designed to challenge your strength, endurance and overall fitness. Push yourself, have fun, and prepare to leave feeling empowered.

The Rise Up! WOD is a dynamic and engaging workout that delivers strength and a sense of accomplishment. Starting with a series of his five 4-punch combinations followed by an explosive sprawl that gets your heart rate up and boosts your metabolism. Next, move on to the KB Thruster, a challenging exercise that targets your legs, core, and upper body.

As your workout progresses, transition to 10 crunches to work your abs and 10 TRX rows to strengthen your back and arms. The intensity continues with 10 decline pushups to challenge upper body strength and stability. Next, cleans and tricep extensions work multiple muscle groups to increase overall power.

To keep the momentum going, fire up your core with a barrage of 20 body hooks and unleash your inner warrior. The workout ends with his 8 Turkish Get-Ups, a full body exercise that improves stability, mobility and coordination.

Coach Mike will be there to guide and motivate you throughout the session. His energy and expertise will inspire you to dig deep and discover your true potential. GRIT classes provide a supportive and encouraging environment in which you can challenge yourself and achieve outstanding results.

Join us at the Self Defense Academy in Santa Clara, California. To a GRIT class with Mike Coach. Rise up, accept the challenge, and unleash your inner strength with Rise Up! WOD. It’s time to take your fitness journey to new heights!



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