Ready to push your limits and take your fitness to the next level? RENO 2.5 is Self Defense Academy’s workout of the day. Led by Coach Shane, this high-intensity circuit workout challenges your strength and endurance.

The circuit begins with a pullup, an exercise that targets the upper body, followed by a decline pushup that targets the chest, triceps, and shoulders. Next, perform a deck squat, an exercise that targets your legs and glutes, followed by a split squat that works each leg individually.

Round out the circuit with 50 rope skips, an aerobic exercise that improves endurance and agility.

This circuit training will push your limits, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing it will be worth it. Sign up for Coach Shayne’s classes at the Academy of Self Defense and take the first step towards reaching your fitness goals. Try RENO 2.5 now!



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