Get killer results with the Self-Defense Force Academy Killer Body WOD!

Dear Fitness Enthusiasts! Ready to transform your body and unleash your inner power? Look no further than the Killer Body WOD. This is a challenging workout designed to tone your muscles, increase your endurance, and make you feel like a total villain. Join Self Defense Academy in Santa Clara and train with Coach Serra for a great fitness experience. Get ready to push yourself to new heights and achieve the amazing body you’ve always wanted!

Killer Body WOD is a high-intensity circuit that energizes your entire body, burns calories and builds lean muscle. He starts with 60 leg raises to work his core and lower abs for a leaner midsection. Then do 50 squats, a classic leg and glutes strengthening exercise, to get the toned lower body you’ve been looking for.

But we’re just getting started! Challenge yourself with 10 burpees to get your heart rate up and work multiple muscle groups. Then transition to 40 sit-ups to further strengthen your core and improve your overall stability. Get your heart pumping, build cardiovascular endurance and burn extra calories with a refreshing run.

Next, shape your thighs and strengthen your lower body with 30 lunges. Get into action with 20 kettlebell swings. It’s a dynamic move that works your hips, buttocks, and upper body. Finish strong with 10 more sets of burpees to push your limits and test your mental resilience. Finish off the round with a final exhilarating run to cap off a killer workout.

Don’t forget the 4-Way Plank. Hold her in the plank position for 30 seconds each, working your core, back, and shoulder muscles to increase your overall strength. Repeat the entire circuit for maximum results and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you conquer each round.

Are you ready to achieve a killer body? Join the GRIT class at Self Defense Academy led by Coach Serra. Accept the challenge of Killer Body WOD and experience the amazing benefits it brings. Don’t settle for anything other than the body you deserve. Work up a sweat, push your limits, and get the strongest body together!



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