Overcome June’s Melancholy Challenges with Coach Mike’s GRIT Class!

Dear Fitness Enthusiasts! Are you ready to banish your June gloom and ignite your inner fire?Coach Mike’s GRIT class is here to help you get through the cloudy days and make every workout count! I have. Look no further.

Today’s session is all about intensity and pushing boundaries. Get ready for an exciting routine that feels exhilarating and fulfilling. We have a lineup of exercises that train your whole body from head to toe.

First, there is the strength circuit that activates the lower body. Start with eight goblet squats to work your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings. He then does 10 cleans, which increases his power and explosiveness. Next, he prepares to do 12 kettlebell swings to work his posterior strands and build cardiovascular endurance. And let’s not forget his 50 roundhouse kicks to unleash your inner martial artist.

Next, sculpt your core by transitioning to a sequence that shreds your abs. Challenge yourself with 8 V-ups that target your upper and lower abs. Then move on to his 10 TRX Pike exercises to work your entire core and increase your stability. A strong finish to the circuit with 12 plank kickouts to tone your obliques and improve your overall balance. And of course, don’t forget 50 Power Punches to release stress and increase mental focus.

Last but not least, focus on strengthening your upper body. Tighten your triceps with 8 tricep extensions. Next, grab a kettlebell and gobble up his 10 curls to work your biceps. Are you ready for the challenge?Try his 12 decline pushups to work your chest, shoulders and triceps. Finally, attack with 50 punches to improve your speed and coordination.

Join us today at 7pm at the Academy of Self-Defense in Santa Clara, CA to lead this empowering GRIT class with Coach Mike. Work up a sweat and challenge yourself, feel a sense of accomplishment and feel ready to overcome any obstacle.



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