Are you ready to head to the fitter? Look no further than Homer Jr., Self-Defense Academy’s Workout of the Day, named after everyone’s favorite Springfieldian. This ultimate circuit workout will test your strength, endurance and power.

Your workout starts with a 50 KB swing. This is an exercise that will make your arms feel like they’re “hmm…made of steel.” He then delivers 25 power punches. This exercise makes him feel like he’s fighting Moe Syzlak in the “done down.” Then do a 50 KB clean and press. This exercise will make you feel like you’re lifting the “hmm…heaviest” beer keg at Moe’s.

Then proceed to 25 power punches. This is an exercise that will make Lenny and Carl feel like, “Hmm… knock it out.” Then do a 50 KB swing. This is an exercise that will make you feel like you’re “hmm… swinging” at the fence of the Springfield Isotopes game.

Finally, we close with 10 Supermen. This is an exercise that will make you feel like you’re flying over Springfield.

This circuit training will test your overall strength and power. Sign up for classes at the Academy of Self Defense and take the first step toward achieving your fitness goals. Unleash your inner Homer and try Homer Jr today!



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