If you’re looking for a physically and mentally challenging workout, don’t miss today’s GRIT class with Coach Andrea. The WOD is called “Gimme 30!” A combination of shadow boxing, kettlebell swings, squats, lunges, clean and presses, wood chops and push-up taps. A fast-paced workout that will have you sweating and breathing hard in no time.

The workout consists of 6 rounds, each round lasting 5 minutes. After working for 30 seconds, he rests for 30 seconds on one side and repeats on the other side. Shadow boxing gets your heart rate up and pumps your arms, while kettlebells work your legs, core and shoulders. Lunges and side lunges burn the glutes well, while wood chops and push-up taps challenge core stability.

This workout is perfect for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness level and increase their endurance. Whether you’re new to working out or an experienced athlete, Gimme 30! It makes you feel strong and accomplished.



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