Get stronger and thrive with Chicken Wing WOD!

Are you ready to spread your wings and fly to new heights in fitness? Join the Academy of Self-Defense Chicken Wings WOD. This workout is a fun and challenging workout that will leave you strong and empowered. Don’t let the name fool you. The purpose of this WOD is to build muscle and increase functional strength.

The Chicken Wing WOD combines a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups to ensure a full body workout. It begins with his 5 Intense Man Maker, a dynamic exercise that works your upper body, core and legs all at once. Next, move on to lateral raises and front delt raises, which focus on working your shoulder muscles and improving your posture.

To build upper body strength, WOD includes pull-ups and Superman prawn rowing to target back muscles and build a strong, defined upper body. The KB Thruster adds an element of power and explosiveness, stimulating your legs, glutes and shoulders to set your whole body on fire.

The Chicken Wing WOD also incorporates 4 punch + kick combinations to help you unleash your inner martial artist while improving your coordination and core stability. The workout ends with a Russian twist. This is a challenging exercise that targets your abs and obliques to build a strong, toned midsection.

Coach Mike leads the class, providing guidance, motivation, and the occasional joke to keep the class light-hearted and fun. His expertise and contagious energy will help you push you to new limits and reach your fitness goals.

Join us today at 7pm and experience the power of the Chicken Wing WOD. Fly high, get strong, and be your best self. Don’t panic. This is your chance to spread your wings and fly.



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