Looking for a workout that targets your core muscles, improves endurance, and leaves you feeling accomplished? Look no further than GRIT classes with Coach James and “Chancellor” WOD.

The ‘Chancellor’ WOD consists of a variety of exercises that target the core and challenge the whole body. From planks with mounted climber arms to hollow him holds with a bike, each move is designed to strengthen core muscles while also working other muscle groups. Also perform KB squats with overhead presses, walking lunges with squat thrusts, breath-ups with burpees, dead hangs for rest, and sumo squats with upright rows.

Coach James will guide you through the training, providing motivation and support along the way. With his expertise and enthusiasm, you will push yourself to new limits and achieve results never thought possible. GRIT classes are known for their energetic and supportive atmosphere, making them a fun and challenging experience for participants of all fitness levels.

Join Coach James for a GRIT class today at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA. Strengthen your core, improve your endurance and get ready for a fun workout. Don’t miss the opportunity to unleash your core strength in the challenging ‘Chancellor’ WOD.



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