Are you ready to step into the ring and unleash your inner warrior? Academy of Self Defense’s Bronx Tale WOD is here to challenge you mentally and physically. Led by charismatic coach James, this workout is designed to help you push your limits and feel stronger than ever.

The Bronx Tale WOD begins with 10 Man Maker Rows for each arm, a full body exercise that works your core, upper body and legs. Lift weights and paddle with precision and feel yourself burning as you build strength and endurance.

Then punch. Get your heart rate up, pump your fists with his 100 punches and unleash your inner boxer. Put your energy into it, focus on each blow, and feel the power behind every punch.

Now test your upper body strength with five pull-ups. Hanging from the bar, feel your back and arm muscles working hard as you pull yourself up. Modify as needed and challenge yourself to reach new heights.

Transition to an upright row, grab a barbell or dumbbell and lift with control. This exercise targets the shoulders and upper back and helps develop strength and clarity in these areas.

Don’t forget to give your triceps some love with 10 bench dips. Using a sturdy bench or elevated position, lower yourself by squeezing the backs of your arms. Feel the burn and realize you’re building strong, sculpted triceps.

Finally, finish the Bronx Tale WOD with 15 sumo squats. Stand with your feet wide apart, your toes pointing outward, and lower yourself into a deep squat. Engage your glutes and thighs as you push through each rep.

Join Coach James and the Academy of Self-Defense community for The Bronx Tale WOD. It’s a chance to challenge yourself, embrace your guts, and be stronger than ever. Modify your exercises as needed, listen to your body, and know that each step of your journey is a testament to your determination and resilience.



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