Unleash your inner baller with the Academy of Self-Defense GRIT class

Are you ready to step up your fitness game and unleash your inner baller? Look no further than the GRIT class at Self Defense Academy. Led by dynamic coach Mike, this class combines strength, agility and coordination to deliver a workout experience like no other.

Today’s GRIT class WOD is designed to challenge your whole body while keeping your energy high. Get ready to channel your inner baller with a series of exciting exercises. First, he does 10 medball push-ups, working his chest, shoulders, and triceps while lowering his chest toward the ball.

Next, work your obliques with a Russian twist. Grab a medical ball, sit down and twist your body from side to side and feel your core burn. The “seat” press and pulse exercises target the shoulders and arms as you press the ball overhead while maintaining a seated position.

Get ready to feel the burn with 10 dips targeting triceps and upper body strength. The diagonal throw exercise tests your rotational stability and coordination. Grab and twist the med ball and throw left and right while maintaining a strong and stable stance.

Get ready to unleash power with ten 4-punch sprawl, 4-punch shot combinations. This explosive move works your upper body and tests your coordination. Next, gain altitude with 10 box jumps to build leg strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Show off your flexibility and agility with 10 head kicks and don’t forget to challenge your leg strength and coordination. Conclude your workout with one lap of the Bear Crawl with a medical ball.

Join Coach Mike and GRIT classes today and experience the thrill of becoming a shotcaller on your fitness journey. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and modifications and support are available. Don’t miss your chance to unleash your inner baller and enjoy your workout.



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