Looking for a workout that will challenge your body and give you a sense of accomplishment? Look no further than Armistice II, a high-intensity WOD designed to push your limits and tap into your inner strength. Led by Coach Michael from Self-His Defense Academy in Santa Clara, this GRIT class is sure to make you sweat and smile.

The workout begins with 20 power jacks, a dynamic exercise that gets your heart rate up and works your lower body. Next, he does eight close-grip push-ups with a kettlebell, targeting his chest, triceps, and core. Keep your kettlebells handy as you progress to his 8 Kettlebell Tricep Extension that challenges arm strength and muscle endurance.

Next, place the eight climber arms on the kettlebell. This is a special move that trains the shoulders, trunk, and coordination. On the floor, he does eight glute bridge presses that activate the glutes and hamstrings while stabilizing the core. From his eight snatches that combine strength, mobility and balance to his pinwheel move, the intensity continues.

Perform eight kettlebell shoulder presses to tone your shoulders and increase upper body strength. Unleash 20 jabs, crosses, hooks and kick combinations that incorporate his whole body into dynamic sequences to finish his WOD with explosive power.

Coach Michael guides you through each exercise, providing motivation, technique cues and corrections as needed. This class is open to all fitness levels, so don’t be shy and challenge yourself. It’s time to harness your power and embrace the guts within you.



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