5 Reasons Former Police Officers Should Consider Transitioning To Cobra Self Defense Teaching Full Time

Former Law Enforcement Officers, you have an opportunity to continue your tactical training while serving your community.

Former Law Enforcement Officer, Deputy Sheriff and Chief Security Officer Chris Sutton created COBRA Self Defense based on training he received in various law enforcement agencies and throughout his career.

Becoming a COBRA Self Defense Instructor is perfect for current or former LEOs who want to continue helping others while leveraging the skill set they have been trained in.

1. No need to change location
As a COBRA Self Defense licensee, you determine your specific location, expertise and training schedule. You can operate from a standard brick-and-mortar location, your home, or a combination of both. you are your own boss.

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2. You decide your income
I’ll show you how build your business, builds an active list of high-paying clients, including businesses, schools, and government agencies, who want the same training year after year, both onsite and offsite. Many COBRA Self-Defense Forces licensees generate six-figure revenues with no limits or caps on potential earnings.flat entrepreneur magazine “Self-defense is big business,” he said. COBRA instructors big companies around the world Every year our international customer list continues to grow.

3. Make a difference in your community
By teaching people how to be their own first responders, we can make our communities a better place. They are truly grateful for the training and will use it for the rest of their lives.

COBRA Self Defense offers 15 different programs that you have the authority to teach. Choose a program that resonates with you.

4. No martial arts required
Most people immediately think of martial arts as the go-to for this type of training, but it can’t be further from the truth. credentials are obtained.

5. Enjoy life changes
Teaching COBRA self-defense is a uniquely satisfying profession. Turning clients to simple yet effective situational self-defense skills creates a strong bond with students. They appreciate educational strategies and tactics designed to recognize, avoid, and defend against violent offenders.

For more information on COBRA Self Defense International, please visit: www.SelfDefenseCertified.com and www.CobraDefenseSystem.com



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