Shuffle the decks and spice up the fun with Serracoach’s GRIT class!

Hello Fitness Enthusiasts! Ready to play a fitness game like no other? Shuffle your deck and prepare to unleash your inner challenger in Coach Serra’s GRIT class!

Known as the 3 Card Monte, today’s workout allows you to draw cards and experience unpredictable excitement. Gather in small groups and draw 3 cards to determine the exercise. Then it’s time to go all out and do your best until the time comes. please do not worry. Upon completion, you will be given a new hand and given a new set of challenges.

Each card represents a different exercise and repetition plan, making every round a unique adventure. In clubs he can repeat the exercise 5 times, in hearts he can increase it to 10 times. A spade will set him up for 15 repetitions, while a diamond will challenge him to 20 repetitions. The advantage of this workout is that you never know what’s going to happen next, keeping your mind focused and your body guessing.

From push-ups to kettlebell swings, wall balls to sumo deadlift high pulls, we have a variety of exercises to help you stay in tune. Hone his snatch technique, which gets your heart rate up and powers your entire body like a mountaineer. Exhilarating box jumps, lunges, thrusters, cleans and overhead squats, not to mention push your limits and give you a sense of accomplishment.

Join us today at 7pm at the Academy of Self-Defense in Santa Clara, CA to have Coach Serra lead this exciting GRIT class. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, this class is designed to bring out the best in everyone. Shuffle your deck, accept the challenge, and have fun with like-minded people!



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