Ready to celebrate Independence Day in a unique and empowering way? Look no further than the exclusive 1776 WOD from Self Defense Academy. Led by energetic coach Mike, this workout pays tribute to the spirit of freedom and resilience that characterizes our nation.

1776 WOD is designed to challenge your strength, endurance and mental toughness. Get ready for a combination of exercises that will push you to new heights. All start with 231 single unders to test your coordination and cardio fitness.

Next, grab a kettlebell and swing 60 times to tighten the butt chain and build strength in your lower back and core. Then push presses, which he repeats 51 times, targeting his shoulders and upper body. You can feel your arms burning as you press the barbell overhead.

Take a moment to catch your breath and move into 40 sit-ups while working your abs and stabilizing your core. Next, OH Walking Her Lunges he does 31 times, challenging his balance and leg strength while holding weights overhead.

Get ready to test your upper body strength with 20 pull-ups while feeling your back and arm muscles working hard. And finish with 11 burpees for a strong finish. This is a full-body workout that will make your heart beat faster and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Join Coach Mike and the Academy of Self-Defense community for a special workout this Fourth of July. It’s a chance to unite, celebrate freedom, and push ourselves to new limits. Modify your exercises as needed and listen to your body, knowing that each rep is a testament to your determination and resilience.



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