Kolide provides real-time fleet visibility across Mac, Windows, and Linux to answer questions MDM can't

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Device security is much like Everest and hard to scale.

A small company dominated by engineers can keep up with fleet management with just trust and a spreadsheet. But once you start hiring marketers, designers, and others, the proliferation of laptops blurs the line between “work” and “personal” devices.

But ambiguity isn’t going to cut it. To close a deal with a customer, you need to prove you’re in control of the device’s security. Third party auditprove that you are ready for an acquisition or IPO.

At this point, I start looking for tools to visualize all these devices. You have two options.

Option 1 is MDM. The MDM acts as a fleet-wide puppet master, enforcing compliance through intrusive agents. But despite all the power of MDM, it still fails to answer the most nuanced questions. And when it comes to Linux devices? Please do your best.

Your other option is Kolide.

Kolide is an endpoint security solution that gives IT teams a single dashboard for all their devices, regardless of operating system.

Kolide can answer questions that MDM cannot. Questions like:

  • Is production data stored on the device?
  • Are all developer SSH keys encrypted?
  • And otherwise, there are many other data points that need to be learned by writing custom shell scripts.

Want to see for yourself how it works? Click here for a free trial. No credit card required.

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