Latest innovations in arc flash protection

For over 50 years, Elliotts has been innovating and designing new products to meet customer needs. Our new ArcSafe® AmpShield™ Arc Flash Face Shield ‘What’s next’ Arc flash protection.

ArcSafe® AmpShield™ Arc Flash Face Shields utilize the latest innovative technology to provide users with full color perception and improved visibility. A gray, highly transparent face shield replaces the traditional green arc flash face shield.

Traditional face shields use a green tinted shield to absorb the infrared radiation produced when an arc flash occurs. The green color is actually a by-product of the various dyes used, and the higher the level of PPE CAT protection required, the darker the shade of green required. This made it very difficult to see and distinguish colors such as yellow and white, and reduced visibility in low light or confined spaces.

The development of this new technology allows for gray, highly transparent face shields without the need for green dye. This virtually colorless technology allows users to see a full color spectrum without distortion and also improves visibility.

New ArcSafe® AmpShield™ Arc Flash Face Shield

design and function

new ArcSafe® AmpShield Arc Flash Face Shield Highly transparent gray color with improved optical properties. ArcSafe® AmpShield™ has scientifically proven color recognition capabilities. It closely follows the lambda curve of the human eye and can perceive colors across the visible spectrum. By harnessing the unique abilities of the human eye, our products complement nature’s ability to see color.

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protection level

In keeping with Elliotts commitment to providing the highest quality safety wear, ArcSafe® AmpShield™ face shields meet the short-circuit ARC Class 2 rating of GS-ET-29:2001-05 and the 14cal/cm2 rating of ASTM F2178, NFPA 70E-2015 for PPE Category 2 protection level. This face shield is also EN 166 certified and ANSI-ISEA Z87.1-2017 certified.

Provides better comfort and protection

The ArcSafe® AmpShield™ Face Shield provides the wearer with an ergonomic, discreet, transparent chin protector that expands the wearer’s field of vision and provides additional arc flash protection.

Also included is a cap bracket with a slotted adapter to fit your helmet of choice. An adjustable slotted adapter allows workers to comfortably adjust the position of the face shield when not in use or at risk.

arc safe stream light flashlightThis face shield also has the option to add new StreamLight® Flashlight on each side of the face shield. This flashlight is designed to provide bright illumination when working in dark or close areas. Designed for use with ArcSafe® Lift Front Hoods and ArcSafe® AmpShield™ Face Shields and includes an articulating light mount. ATPV 50cal/cm2.

have you seen our new work ArcSafe® X50 The range includes a new lift front hood and a traditional arc flash hood. The range doesn’t stop at hoods, the X50 range also includes jacket and trouser or coat and legging combinations, available with or without reflective trim. Need more information? Click here for more information or the image below

Arcsafe x50 Arc Flash Outfit

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