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Reports are the key deliverables that make penetration testing results actionable, but why should it be so hard to prepare?

not anymore.

Check out our guide to creating a killer pen test report. And take your efforts even further by automating the process with PlexTrac.

PlexTrac is the premier penetration testing reporting, collaboration, and management platform designed to streamline the entire penetration testing lifecycle. PlexTrac lets you automate planning, documentation, communication, and remediation tracking so your team can work more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, deliver more actionable results, and deliver greater value from any testing effort.

From staging and conducting assessments of offensive efforts, to analyzing data and delivering results, PlexTrac enables you to deliver high-quality penetration testing reports and actionable insights faster than you ever thought possible.

PlexTrac takes the hassle out of pen testing documentation so your team can spend more time hacking and less time reporting. For more information, visit

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