In Ukraine, the Internet was suspended this week following a new missile attack by the Russian army.

Russian army fired heavy missile strike .

In some areas of Ukraine, the authorities called for the general public to restrict the use of the Internet, as the communication infrastructure was damaged after the communication infrastructure was damaged.エネルギー使用に関しても、同様の要求がなされています。

Data from Cloudflare indicated

CloudFlare has revealed a traffic in Kyiv, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, despite the confusion of the Internet, after 06:15 UTC on Monday (Traffic decreased by about 80%), Riviu (about 60% decrease), and although the degree is low. reported to have decreased.

Since then, most areas have shown signs of recovery, but no one imagines that Russia has a strong desire to attack Ukraine’s important infrastructure, so no one will be attacked in the future. Hmm.

In addition, the tracking Ukrainian Internet Accessibility is Netblocks, which collects real -time Internet telemetry, detecting stops and other confusion.

Netblocks Director Alp Toker said to BBCThe data of his organization suggested that power outages and houses and infrastructure destruction contributed to the Internet stop.

Talker said that Ukrainian communication infrastructure was specifically targeted by Russia to hinder the ability of families and companies to connect to the Internet.

Said They believed that Russia was “preparing a large -scale cyber attack on Ukraine and its allies for important infrastructure of Ukraine and its allies to enhance the effect of a missile attack on electricity supply facilities.”

Experts also said that Russia would increase the intensity of DDOS attacks (DDOS) attacks on Ukraine’s national infrastructure. As expected, many Ukraine’s websites have been attacked by DDOS and other parent Russia.

Ukraine surprised many observers with a powerful resilience against cyber attacks, which was considered to be Russian’s digital power during the conflict.

“If someone asked in February 2022, he would have underestimated the power of defense,” said the National Cyber ​​Director Chris Ingris. Said Politico“Ukraine has shown that digital infrastructure, roles and responsibilities, and investment in people’s skills have greatly benefit the ability to protect power.”



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