After the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) announced it would not yield to its ransom demands, hackers leaked stolen data from the second largest school district in the United States.

LAUSD was attacked by the Vice Society ransomware gang early last month, just before classes were scheduled to resume after summer vacation. Vice Society was responsible for a series of attacks on the education sector across the country.

Initially, disruption of the school’s e-mail system and network infrastructure was thought to be the biggest headache after a security breach. But it has since come to light that the Vice Society most likely stole sensitive data from his LAUSD system.

local media reports was suggested The data stolen and leaked by the Vice Society includes confidential psychological assessments of students, contract and legal documents, business records, among other confidential data.

LA Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho tweeted A hotline number for students and parents with questions or concerns after a security breach.

Carvalho has previously said the school district refused to pay the ransom, saying, “Negotiating with cybercriminals who seek to extort money from our children, teachers and staff is never a legitimate option. ‘ added.

and press releaseLAUSD reiterated that it believes it is wrong to give in to blackmailers.

“Los Angeles Unified is a firm believer that dollars must be used to fund students and education. Paying a ransom will never guarantee full recovery of your data. Los Angeles Unified would rather spend public money on students than bow to a vicious and illegal crime syndicate.”

On its official leak site, the Vice Society claims time was “wasted” by CISA, the US cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, in attempts to delay the release of stolen data, at least temporarily. suggests that it did.



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