The theme of this year’s SAAM is “Building a Safe Online Space”. NSVRC has resources to help people learn how to “practice consent online, keep the children in your life safe from abuse, and promote and participate in respectful online communities.” NSVRC also provides a prompt that says, “You can build a secure online space by: ___________.” How can we help build a secure online space now and in the future?

On Friday, April 23, the Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee had a timely debate on a bill that would seek to clarify the definition of consent. VT DiggerH.183 It would have made it clear that people who are unconscious from drugs or alcohol, or who are severely disabled, cannot consent to sex. But it seems likely that the bill will stall in commission, or at least recede debate on this aspect of the bill.

While the Vermont Legislature disappoints in protecting survivors and providing avenues to justice, if you or a loved one has been sexually assaulted, seeking community support is important. There are places where you can. For more information, Or call one of WomenSafe’s free and confidential advocates. (802) 388-4205.

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