The International Criminal Police Organization, also known as Interpol, has announced 75 arrests as part of its coordinated global operation against organized cybercrime syndicates. black ax.

“‘Black Ax’ and other West African organized crime groups have built transnational networks to defraud millions of victims and channel their profits into lavish lifestyles, drug trafficking and sexual exploitation. It has been channeled into other criminal activities ranging from . Said.

Called Operation Jackal, the law enforcement effort involved Argentina, Australia, Ivory Coast, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Nigeria, Spain, South Africa, the UAE, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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Two online scammers arrested in South Africa last month are believed to have orchestrated various fraud schemes to extract $1.8 million from their victims.

The investigation led to 49 additional property raids, resulting in the seizure of 12,000 SIM cards and other luxury assets, including residential property, three cars and tens of thousands of cash. He also intercepted €1.2 million from the suspect’s bank account.

“Illicit funds are the lifeblood of transnational organized crime, and we have seen groups like Black Ax divert funds from online financial fraud to other areas of crime, such as drug and human trafficking.” said Interpol’s Stephen Kavanagh. Said.



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