This may come as a shock to many, but scammers have once again managed to steal large sums of money from cryptocurrency investors.

At the center of the scam is the Twitter account of Steve Aoki, an American DJ and electronic music producer who is regarded as a sort of “influencer” in the cryptocurrency world.

according to Tweet Self-proclaimed blockchain detective ZachXBT has posted that the hack of Aoki’s Twitter account has cost cryptocurrency investors thousands of dollars.

As explained by ZachXBT, Steve Aoki’s Twitter account posted a message saying that DJ supports the launch of a new cryptocurrency token called PSYOP.

The person behind PSYOP, the pseudonymous NFT collector Ben.eth, was tagged in the message – presumably to confirm they noticed the tweet.

We can only assume that Ben.eth believed the post was a legitimate post from Aoki’s account, which is why they quote-tweeted the untrustworthy message, and this has prompted even more cryptocurrency enthusiasts to It definitely inspired me to follow the link and jump on the PSYOP train. .

So, here’s a crypto influencer with 8 million followers whose Twitter account was compromised by hackers to post a message to intentionally retweet another crypto celebrity. . All aimed at deceiving cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

An estimated $170,000 worth of cryptocurrency was lost in the scam.

After the issue was pointed out to Ben.eth, they deleted the quoted tweet and posted:

“I didn’t know AOKI was hacked. What should I do?”

In a subsequent tweet, Ben.eth invited Those who lost money in the scam could be contacted via email to have their lost Ethereum replaced.

It’s unclear at this time how Steve Aoki’s Twitter account was compromised, but I wouldn’t be surprised if weak password security and lack of two-factor authentication were at the heart of the issue.

Steve Aoki deleted the unauthorized tweet but did not post an apology or warning to his millions of followers.

To reduce the chances of hackers compromising your account, users are wise to take the following steps:

  • To protect your account, make sure it uses a unique, hard-to-crack password.
  • valid Two-factor authentication Introduce a second layer of defense to your Twitter account.
  • See which third-party apps have access to your Twitter account, revoke access To prevent them from making unauthorized posts on your behalf.



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