It wasn’t a great weekend for video game fans. A player of the Diablo IV multiplayer role-playing game received the following error message when he tried to connect to developer Blizzard’s servers.

Diablo DDO message

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We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack that may cause delays and disconnects for some players. We are actively working to mitigate this issue.

Yes, someone just launched a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack without permission. Diablo IVless than a month after it launched on PlayStation, XBox and Windows.

according to Kotaku reportSome players have been unable to access the game for nearly 12 hours.

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This will be frustrating enough for anyone who wants to play I’m playing Diablo IV with my friends, and what’s worse, Diablo IV Player must be connected to the internet Even when playing in full single-player mode.

As you probably guessed, some gamers are: not very impressive This is due to a specific design decision made by the Blizzard developers.

Diablo 4 Tweet

Diablo IV It’s not the first video game to compete with Torag launching a DDoS attack. And I bet this won’t be the last.

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