Get ready to blaze with Coach Shane’s GRIT class!

Hello Fitness Enthusiasts! Ready to take your workout to the next level?Coach Shane’s GRIT classes are here to challenge your limits and ignite your inner strength, so look no further is not.

Known as PIT rx 1, today’s session is designed to target the arm muscles and give you some serious pumps. We have a lineup of exercises that bring you the best feeling of burning. Grab your resistance bands and do 100 bicep curls to train your guns. please do not worry. Never leave your triceps behind. There are also 100 tricep dips to tone these muscles.

But that’s not all. Our medicine ball exercises will take your core strength to new heights. Get ready for 100 Medicine Ball Push-Ups that stress your upper body and work your stabilizer muscles. Followed by 100 Medicine Ball Russian Twists to strengthen your obliques and improve your rotational strength. Finally, let him do 100 medicine ball sit-ups to tone his core and get those abs he’s worked so hard for.

Best place? Never sweat alone. Join us today at 12pm at the Academy of Self-Defense in Santa Clara, CA for an exhilarating workout experience. Coach Shayne guides you through the exercises with expert precision, giving you the motivation you need to get through your toughest moments.

Don’t miss this chance to challenge yourself, grow stronger and have fun with like-minded people. This class is perfect for anyone looking to add some spice to their fitness routine and push them beyond their comfort zone. Grab your gear and get ready to sweat with enthusiasm.



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