May 23, 2023Ravi LakshmananNational Security / Hardware

China has banned US chip maker Micron from selling its products to Chinese companies working on major infrastructure projects, citing national security risks.

The development comes almost two months after the national cybersecurity authority started an investigation Evaluate potential network security risks in late March 2023.

“The purpose of Micron’s product network security reviews is to prevent product network security issues from compromising the security of the nation’s critical information infrastructure, which is necessary to maintain national security. measures,” said the China Cyberspace Administration (CAC). Said.

The CAC also said its investigation found “significant cybersecurity issues” in Micron’s products, jeopardizing the nation’s critical information infrastructure supply chain.

As a result, operators involved in such critical information infrastructure projects should stop purchasing products from Micron, he added.

Officials did not disclose specific cybersecurity concerns raised by Micron, but cited violations of local laws and regulations.

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In a statement shared with The Wall Street Journal, Micron said Said It is “evaluate conclusions and evaluate next steps”.of limit The US Department of Commerce told the BBC it had “no real basis”.

The retaliation comes amid heightened geopolitical tensions between China and the United States and mirrors similar moves by the United States government against Chinese equipment makers over security concerns. .

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