mass liberation

The liberation of those experiencing gender-based violence is directly linked to the liberation of those experiencing racism, transphobia, disability discrimination, classism and all other forms of oppression. We can’t end dating violence, domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking, but we must work with our communities to care for each other, reveal each other’s strengths, and protect each other. Our movement is strongest when we work together.


As a non-profit organization, we recognize the harm we have caused by collusion on the non-profit industrial complex, and unless we create processes to hold Addison survivors, especially marginalized survivors, accountable. You will continue to do harm. county. We are working to adapt and transform as individuals, as a non-profit organization and as part of a collective movement to end violence.


Everyone has the right to physical, psychological and emotional security. Each person defines on their own terms what safety means and what it looks like. Survivors are experts in their own experience and know what it takes to be safe. We are committed to allowing each survivor to define what safe means to them. WomenSafe strives to provide community-wide, prevention-based educational programs that teach what it means to be a safe person.



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