Women are powerful in the workplace. For example, their ambition and strong work ethic are unmatched. They bring empathy and inclusiveness to their work. Women’s unique perspectives and experiences give the companies they work for an edge and drive success. For these reasons, more women can greatly benefit from career mentors.

It’s unfortunate that even knowing all they bring to the table, women struggle to find their place in their chosen industry and end up getting promoted. can be blamed on the glass ceiling reached at

But the good news is that some women have passed the glass ceiling. Having a mentor, or being in a mentorship program, is a big part of why. To understand why mentorship is so important for women, read on.

Mentorship programs are essential for women in all industries

Unfortunately, women have to deal with many barriers and negative situations in their careers.

For example, gender bias (being treated differently because of your gender) is a common problem for women in the workplace. It looks like this:

  • no voice at work
  • Looked down on for having a child
  • be forsaken for promotion
  • Being interrupted or spoken to frequently
  • Must put in twice as much effort as a male colleague for the same rating

Women also have to deal with the ever-present gender pay gap. Also, don’t forget about the different levels of sexual harassment. It’s not fair for women to endure in the workplace. Many feel isolated, unsupported and hopeless.

Having someone by your side to help women break down barriers makes a difference. Especially for women in male-dominated fields.

Women in male-dominated fields can benefit most from mentors

Men dominate most career fields. Yet women are on the rise in many of them. And mentorship is often a catapult. This is especially true for women in these two fields of hers.


woman make up 41% of sales reps.they hold 34% of sales manager positionsAnd that number continues to decline as they move up the sales career ladder.

In addition to it, female sales They often deal with the prejudices of their position. Many feel that they do not get the same promotion opportunities as men. They reported feeling underestimated in their knowledge, and many of their male colleagues considered themselves weak.

Mentorship can empower women in sales to have a voice in the workplace. This is especially important when men treat women differently or look down on them. It also helps you feel comfortable asking questions without fear of being judged by your peers. It also helps you build strong relationships with established people in the company and help you advance your career.


According to insider, “Women make up only 9.9% of the construction industry.” Talks about the gender gap. Physical work is often central to construction. Many believe this is why women are less represented in the industry.

But the truth is that women are just as physically capable in construction work as men. But the same can be said for women.

Women in construction are dealing with many of the challenges faced by women in other industries, such as gender bias, sexual harassment and wide pay gaps.

Women’s mentorship in the construction industry is beneficial. Because the industry is a lonely one for women, with very few representation. A lot of loneliness can be alleviated by leaning on another woman or ally to guide them.

In addition, Reverse mentorship in construction, specifically, is beneficial to both mentors and mentees. Reverse mentorship is when the mentee teaches the mentor.

Women tend to have high levels of digital literacy, but many older construction workers do not.

Women can teach digital skills to older colleagues in reverse mentorship situations. Older colleagues can also share hands-on experience with their mentees. It’s a win-win situation for both in this tough industry.

Tips for Helping Women Find Mentors

You can find a mentor through our mentorship program. Finding the right mentorship program is key to promotion and community support for women in the workplace. These two tips will help ensure that women choose the best mentoring program.

Define what you want in a mentor

For women to get what they want from mentorship, they must first define exactly what they want. I mean mentorship What would you like to see once you complete her program and what would you like the mentor/mentee dynamic to look like?

Women need to take the time to answer these questions in detail. Write down these answers and refer to them when you’re looking for a solid mentor. Clearly defining what you’re looking for in a mentorship is the only way to make sure you get it.

Find internal and external programs

The first place women should look for a mentor is the company they work for. Having a mentor working for the same company gives women the day-to-day support they need in the workplace.

Please contact Human Resources to see if there are mentoring programs available. If you don’t have one, look for one outside the walls of your company. Start on social media and find pages dedicated to women in specific industries. Once you have established relationships with some of this group, you can approach them for mentorship arrangements.


The impact career mentoring has on women in all career fields is undisputed, especially for women in male-dominated fields. It is very important to keep going. Relying on mentorship to do this is a great first step.

About the author

Ainsley Lawrence is a freelance writer from the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys writing about how technology, education and health intersect and affect our daily lives. She often gets lost in her good books.

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