April 8, 2023Rabbi LakshmananMalware/Cyberattack

Taiwanese PC company MSI (short for Micro-Star International) has officially admitted that its systems were hit by a cyberattack.

The company said it “promptly” initiated incident response and recovery measures after detecting a “network anomaly.” It also said it had alerted law enforcement agencies to the matter.

However, MSI did not provide details on when the attack took place and whether it involved the exfiltration of sensitive information, including source code.

“Currently, the affected systems are gradually resuming normal operations, and there is no significant impact on financial business,” the company said. urgent notice Shared on Friday.

and Submissions to regulatory authorities It said it is working with the Taiwan Stock Exchange to strengthen its network and infrastructure controls to ensure data security.

MSI further encourages users to obtain firmware/BIOS updates only from official websites and not download files from other sources.

The disclosure comes after a new ransomware gang known as Money Message has added the company to its list of victims.the attacker is spotlighted End of last month by Zscaler.

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“The group utilizes victim-targeted double extortion techniques that involve exfiltrating victim data prior to encryption,” Cyble said. I got it In an analysis released this week. “If the ransom is not paid, the group will upload the data to the leak site.”

Developed one month after Acer Confirmed A unique breach that resulted in the theft of 160 GB of sensitive data. Advertised on March 6, 2023 and sold on the now defunct BreachForums.

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