The Indian factory that manufactures Suzuki’s motorcycles was forced to close after a cyberattack.

An estimated 20,000 vehicles have reportedly been lost since May 10, when production of motorcycles and scooters at Suzuki Motorcycle’s plant in India was reportedly temporarily halted.

Additionally, Suzuki Motorcycles has postponed its annual supplier conference, which was due to start this week.

Suzuki has confirmed that it has been hit by a cybersecurity “incident” but has not provided details of what happened while the investigation continues.

“We are aware of this incident and have immediately reported the same to the relevant government departments. You can not.”

Suzuki may not want to share any more information while it gathers more information about what happened and decides on next steps, but later it turns out that the company has been hit by ransomware. I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it was revealed. attack.

A ransomware attack not only disrupts a company’s network infrastructure and communications by encrypting data and locking down systems, but it can also mean that hacking groups have stolen sensitive information from the compromised company. There is also

In many cases, companies will not admit that a cybersecurity attack is ransomware-related until they have determined whether the extortionist is willing to pay the ransom.

Of course, the nature of the disruption at Suzuki’s motorcycle manufacturing plant in India may not be related to ransomware. Admittedly, the balance of probabilities makes it less likely, but there are certainly other possible explanations.

With a little luck, we may have more details in the next few days and hopefully production will pick up.



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